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EASD has a long and proud history of postgraduate education and the organisation is delighted now to be able to offer online learning as part of this. We are building a suite of e-learning modules designed to educate, inform and engage healthcare professionals around the world.

The wide range of diabetes modules that will populate this platform have been designed with international experts in the field and they use innovative multimedia and challenging knowledge checks to help you to learn more about this fast-moving area.

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How our e-Learning courses work

Learning online can be a very different experience to what you may be traditionally accustomed to. Let’s go over some platform features and tips to help you get the most out of it.

Learn with the experts

You will be guided through each course by internationally renowned academic experts in their fields.

Multimedia content

Each topic consists of text, visuals, audio, video and rich-media. You need to mark each topic as complete as you progress.

Course structure

Courses consist of a series of modules and inside of each are topics. These break down subjects into manageable chunks.


Each module culminates with a short assessment to help you make sure you have understood the learning outcomes.

Those are the basics of the platform. You’ll get to know it more as you work through the content. We would love to hear your thoughts on the courses and platform, so please leave any feedback here.

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Available courses

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Technology and type 1 diabetes

In this course, insulin pumps and continuous glucose monitoring are discussed using real life examples to help you understand how this technology works optimally. The third module considers the development of and clinical trials involving the closed loop.

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